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Oil Boiler Replacement

Ramor Renewables are oil heating boiler installation experts with years of experience and industry knowledge. We can install, commission and maintain your new oil boiler with minimum disruption. New boilers are typically 30% more efficient at heating your home than older models, meaning you save money while also doing your bit for the environment. New models also come with a manufacturer’s warranty thereby giving you peace of mind.

Oil Boiler Service

Safe, reliable boiler servicing increases the safety of your boiler & saves you money. Our boiler service team can service all oil boilers leaving you with a more efficient boiler and also the peace of mind that it’s in good working order for when you really need it.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer and your family could be at risk if your boiler is not maintained regularly. Our main focus is that your boiler is in good working order. Safety comes first, do not put your family or home at risk by putting off a regular boiler service. Regular servicing can spot problems that may never be identified until it’s too late.

Our second focus is to ensure your boiler is operating efficiently. Boiler servicing ensures your boiler is operating as efficiently as it can. With fuel prices rising this can save you money. But until your boiler is serviced, you won’t know the efficiency of your boiler. Regular servicing helps improve its efficiency and helps prolong the life of your boiler.

Oil Boiler Replacement Grant

For people who replace their oil boiler not only do they reap the energy saving rewards but there is a grant available to them through the Government’s Better Home Scheme. You can receive up to €700 from upgrading your heating controls plus a boiler. In addition to this you will be rewarded with credits, as part of the Energy Efficient Credits scheme.

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